Opening oysters

How to shuck an oyster

Every oyster is shaped slightly differently and the shell is irregular. That makes opening them quite a challenge. But you’ll enjoy them all the more if you do the job yourself.

  • Protect your hand with a thick towel because the shell has sharp edges.
  • Lay the oyster with the rounded side down so that the liquid will remain in the shell.
  • Hold the oyster firmly and push the knife in at the hinge. This sometimes needs quite a bit of force.
  • Make a twisting motion from your wrist until the upper shell comes free.
  • Slide the blade along close to the upper shell to cut the muscle. Be careful not to touch the oyster itself and damage it.
  • Remove the upper shell.
  • Cut the muscle loose from the lower half too and turn the oyster over.

Let the feast begin!

Our company

In-house processes - from raw material to packaging

Roem van Yerseke B.V. is a family company established in 1942 in Yerseke, the Netherlands. We have grown into Europe’s largest seafood processor, with production facilities in Holland and Germany. Over more than 75 years we have successfully been breeding and harvesting mussels, shrimps and oysters.

Our shellfish hatchery

Roem van Yerseke has already carried out many years of ongoing research into the cultivation and propagation of crustaceans and molluscs, both on land and in the wild. For this reason, we developed a unique hatchery for young shellfish in 2005.