Opening oysters

How to shuck an oyster

Every oyster is shaped slightly differently and the shell is irregular. That makes opening them quite a challenge. But you’ll enjoy them all the more if you do the job yourself.

  • Protect your hand with a thick towel because the shell has sharp edges.
  • Lay the oyster with the rounded side down so that the liquid will remain in the shell.
  • Hold the oyster firmly and push the knife in at the hinge. This sometimes needs quite a bit of force.
  • Make a twisting motion from your wrist until the upper shell comes free.
  • Slide the blade along close to the upper shell to cut the muscle. Be careful not to touch the oyster itself and damage it.
  • Remove the upper shell.
  • Cut the muscle loose from the lower half too and turn the oyster over.

Let the feast begin!