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Private label & premium brands

Zeeland's Roem

The first mussel pickling plant is established by Jacobus de Leeuw at the start of the 1900s. More than a century later, Zeeland's Roem is still a prominent and prestigious name. The brand represents quality and is mainly focused on the hospitality and retail sectors.

Prins & Dingemanse

Since 1880, Prins & Dingemanse has been one of the pioneers in oyster and mussel cultivation. The many years of experience Prins & Dingemanse can rely on has firmly established the brand in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Roem van Yerseke is proud to have welcomed this brand name to the family in 2020. 


Lacor is the family name behind the Roem van Yerseke company. This brand name is catchy, and therefore works well across the globe. The name Lacor is mostly known throughout Europe for its prawns.

Private Label

A large percentage of our crustaceans and molluscs are packaged as part of private labels for our business relations in the Netherlands and abroad. Large retailers and several wholesalers have opted for Roem van Yerseke as a reliable partner to package the products they offer as part of their own labels.

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