Our company

In-house processes - from raw material to packaging

Roem van Yerseke B.V. is a family company established in 1942 in Yerseke, the Netherlands. We have grown into Europe’s largest seafood processor, with production facilities in Holland and Germany. Over more than 75 years we have successfully been breeding and harvesting mussels, shrimps and oysters.

2000+ hectares of mussel cultivation

With more than 2000 hectares for mussel and oyster farming spread across geographically beneficial areas, Roem van Yerseke always has the best raw materials available.

In-house fleet of 14 vessels

Our own fleet enables us to harvest at exactly the right time and process the raw materials immediately, without relying on third parties.

4 factories

We have two factories in Yerseke that process the fresh shellfish, and an additional canning factory. Our factory for the production of frozen mussels and cooked mussel meat is located in Germany.

Shellfish hatchery

Roem van Yerseke has already carried out many years of ongoing research into the cultivation and propagation of crustaceans and molluscs, both on land and in the wild. For this reason, we developed a unique hatchery for young shellfish in 2005.

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