21 days shelf life

Enjoy mussels from the shell, quicker and easier than ever before. That’s “Mussels à la Minute”. Five to six minutes in the microwave and the job’s done! Our technically advanced production process ensures the fresh mussels retain their delicious salty taste and tender texture. This is a healthy and tasty ready-to-use meal with no added preservatives, and it can be kept for up to 21 days if refrigerated.

     How to use

The special steam valve allows mussels to be steamed in the microwave. 5 minutes at 900 watts. The mussels can also be heated in the pan, once taken out of the packaging.

     Shelf life

Up to 21 days in the refrigerator at 3-7 degrees. Not suitable for freezing.


4 x 750 gramm MAP packaging with steam valve for microwave.

Convenience products

Quick, Easy & Healthy seafood meals

Mussels à la minute


21 days

4 x 750 g

Mussels à la minute


21 days

4 x 760 g

Mussels à la minute


21 days

4 x 840 g

Lobster à la minute

Fresh prepared lobster

21 days

4 x 500 g

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